Hiproksoul- New York, NY



“Guitars N Bandanaz sounds like what you would get if you poured Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, RHCP’s and Lenny Kravitz in a pot, and boiled them all down to a stew… with a dash of Heavy Metal and a sprinkle of punk culture.”

An American “Hip-Rock-Soul” Band originating from New York. The band consists of lead vocalist| Gubano; D.J./rapper| DJ Fadelf ; producer, rapper, and rhythm guitarist| Mike Street; drummer|”Hunter HT” ; lead guitarist| “Big K” ; bass guitarist| Touché; and drummer Propane Shayne on electronic percussion.

Individually each member has had their share of projects that
have led them to a notable place of success, garnering their positions as true
artists in what they do.